Talking Cigars and Fudge with Trey Mac (Aladino Sumatra and Rancho Luna Habano)

Coming to you from the JRE Tobacco Aladino Mobile Studios, Nick is joined by Trey Mac Shipley to catch up and find out what’s new with him and Aladino. We discuss a few new projects that will be hitting next year as well as his time on the road in extreme northern Michigan. Trey Mac also talks about the moon a lot for some reason and fudge…?
We also discuss some shows we’ve been watching in the Villiger Cigars Entertainment Report and name off Three Cigars We’ve Smoked and Enjoyed This Week.
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Life of a cigar rep during Covid

Our newest episode is now available where we’re joined by Trey Mac Shipley, sales rep for JRE Tobacco, who was in town and was kind enough to sit down and discuss what it’s like to be a rep during the age of covid. We light up a selection of cigars from JRE and discuss not just cigars but also some exciting times from his prior life working with the rich and famous.
We also name off some cigars we’ve enjoyed in the past week, hear another Final Third Friday review of the Southern Draw Jacob’s Ladder from Broccoli Rob, and more!
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